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Order Checklist

The following information and materials must be received by SANYO Laser Products to process your compact disc or DVD order. If you require assistance, please contact our customer service department at (765) 935-7574 or via email.

Approved Credit Application Or Other Payment Method

1spacer.gif (807 bytes) SANYO Laser Products requires new customers to complete a confidential credit application in order to establish an account. Please allow adequate time for the processing of your credit application. If your product need is immediate, alternate payment methods are available.

Purchase Order Number

A copy of your company’s purchase order number should be included (order forms can be downloaded from this web site).

Input Data

Refer to data input specifications for information on the various types of storage media that SANYO Laser Products accepts for data input. SANYO Laser Products provides pre-mastering and media conversion services at additional costs.

Label Artwork

Disc artwork should be sent with input data and printed material. Specifications for disc label artwork are included at this site as well. Be sure to include Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors with artwork.

Printed Material

Customer supplied printed materials should be sent with the input data and disc artwork. It is recommended that 10% overage of printed materials be provided. SANYO Laser Products recommends that the title number or a part number be included on all printed material for reference. Upon request, SANYO Laser Products can coordinate print services.

Disc Packaging Instructions

SANYO Laser Products supports all standard packaging available in the industry. If your preferred package is not included in this section, please contact us for assistance.

Distribution & Fulfillment

May we support your company with some of our extensive distribution and fulfillment services? Go here for details.

Shipping Instructions

Please specify your carrier preference, ship date preference, and shipping address.
Have you checked all the items to make sure your order is complete?

Then you are ready to call our customer service department at (765) 935-7574 or contact us via email.