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Disc Label Printing Specifications

Specifications:  Disc Label Printing

Note: These are the requirements for the artwork that is printed on the disc, not printed materials or packaging artwork.

Artwork should arrive with the input data. Artwork should be submitted as film, camera-ready artboard, or computer files.

FILM Color Maximum of six (6) colors
Film Film positive, emulsion side up, right reading, color separated (1 film for each color with the PMS color number noted on each film). Include registration marks in the center and on all four sides.
INK COLORS Any ink color from the Pantone Matching System (PMS) is available. Please note: light colors do not reproduce well on the metallic disc background.
HALFTONES 130 to 133 line screen.
INNER HUB If printing inside 46mm on hub, color may vary due to mirrored band and clear inner hub. Stack ring on the disc prevents printing from 35mm to 38mm.
Disc labels are screen printed. Therefore, very narrow line and space width and very small type sizes do not reproduce well. Minimum requirements are:

Line Width: 0.15mm or wider
Type Size: 6 pt. or higher