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Printed Material Specifications

Specifications: Printed Materials

Guidelines for basic jewel case configuration:


The folder is seen through the front of the jewel case. It usually contains disc information, getting started instructions, and other related information.

Folders should open to the left.Insert
Folders should be pre-folded.
Recommended paper weight is 100# minimum.
Folders not adhering to the outlined specifications may require manual packaging, which may result in a surcharge and possible delays.

he inlay is seen through the back of the jewel case. It usually Inlaycontains graphics, song titles and a Barcode.

Inlays should be printed one side only unless a clear try will be used. In that case, the inlay can be printed on both sides.
Inlays must be perforated. Score lines only are not acceptable.
Recommended paper weight is 100# minimum.
Additional Information
We recommend that you order 10% overage on printed materials to avoid the cost of a second run. If the above specifications are not followed, we cannot guarantee the appearance of the material after insertion into the jewel case. If hand insertion is required, additional costs will be charged.

1/1, 2/2, 4/1, 4/4: Industry definition for number of colors to be printed.

1/1 represents one color printed on the outside and one color on the inside.

2/2 represents two colors printed on the outside and two colors on the inside.

4/1 represents four colors printed on the outside and one color on the inside.

4/4 represents four colors printed on the outside and one color on the inside.

Specifications for Print Material Film
It is very important that final film supplied to Sanyo-Verbatim adhere to the following specifications:

Lines and Lettering: Thin lines, fine serifs and medium or small lettering should be restricted to one color. Reproduce all reverse lettering with minimum of color, use dominate color (usually a dark color 70%or more) for shape of letters, and where practical (not detrimental to appearance of job), make lettering in subordinate colors slightly larger to reduce problems. Small letters with fine serifs should not be used.  Do not use hairline setting.  Select exact line width.

Trap: Where practical, make lettering in subordinate colors slightly larger for trap, to reduce fit problems.

Tints: A 40% cyan underlay is required in all areas where the background is solid black with the exception of CD booklets and inlays.

Emulsion: Negatives are to be furnished right-reading emulsion down.

Format: Art and film to fit die vinyl’s, where applicable. CD folders to be supplied in printers spread, unless perfect bound which should be supplied in signatures.

Marks: Negatives with trim and true center marks suitable for photo composing.

Bleeds: All film with bleeds must have 1/8″ bleeds.

Live copy: Non-bleed product illustrations, type matter a minimum of 1/8″ from all trim edges.

Screen: 150 line screen for all jobs.

Film: Dimensionally stable of identical gauge, we recommend .004 thickness up to 36″, over 36″ thickness should be .007.

Undercolor Removal: Maximum printed ink density of the four color process color is 315%, with CD booklets at 360%.

Additional charges may result in the following instances:

Opaquing: Negatives that require spot opaquing.

Register: Adjustment of marks for register correction, or adding center marks and proper trap.

Defects: Corrections of film defects, cleaning or removal of dirt spots.

Format: Change to fit die vinyl’s, such as mirror-imaging for bleed, etc.

Film supplied to Sanyo Laser Products must be accompanied by:

Dummy: A complete backed-up and folded dummy to be supplied if a job folds. CD booklets should be in printers spread.

Color Proof: Match Print type proof or progressive proof to be used for color match on press. When match prints are furnished, we require solid patches to check densitometer readings.

Reader Proof: Separate proof that is accurate and includes all final type corrections to be used to approve final reader copy of press.

We recommend that your color separator contact us for any additional information that may be required.

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