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Data Input Services and Guidelines

SANYO Laser Products’ Acceptable Input Media

CD-Recordable:CD-R disc must conform to the proper color book standard (yellow, green, red) and must have no physical defects. SANYO Laser Products will error check all CD media before mastering and duplication.CD-ROM:A replicated CD-ROM disc, conforming to the Yellow Book, can be used as an image source or as a data source for updating an existing CD-ROM.8mm Exabyte Tape:EXB-8500 tape is a very good media due to its high reliability and fast transfer rate. The 8500 format has twice the capacity and transfer rate as the 8200 format. 8mm tape can be used for either CD-image or non CD-image data.4mm DDS/DAT Tape:4mm tape offers a large capacity in a small tape cartridge. SANYO Laser Products supports the DDS (Digital Data Storage) format. 4mm tape can be used to store either CD-image or non CD-image data.

Hard Disk Drives:SANYO Laser Products accepts external SCSI hard drives for premastering. Be sure to properly package your hard drive for maximum protection during shipping. HFS hard drives should be unmounted by “dragging” to the “trash” on the Macintosh desktop before shipping.

Magneto-Optical Disks:Large capacity and high durability make ISO standard 5.25″ and 3.5″ MO disks good for source data.

ZIP, JAZ cartridges:ZIP (100 MB) and JAZ (1 GB) data cartridges may be used for source data.

Syquest cartridges:SANYO Laser Products accepts 5.25″ (88 MB, 200 MB) and 3.5″ (270 MB, 105MB) Syquest data cartridges, as well as the EZ135 cartridge.

Audio Tracks (CD-ROM):Audio data for premastering can be sent on R-DAT tape, CD, or the appropriate audio converted files. Please include the number (e.g. 2-99) and length of each audio track with your source material.

3/4″ U-matic 1630:Include a log sheet with SMPTE time codes that count up from 0:0:0. Maximum time is 74 minutes 40 seconds. If a longer time is required please call.

R-DAT Tapes:R-DAT is digital audio tape with SMPTE time code included. Tapes must be recorded continuously (no breaks) in absolute time at a sampling frequency of 44.1 KHz. 1 to 2 minutes of silence at the beginning of tape is required. Please include the number of tracks and the duration of each track.

Modem/EDI:Modem transfer may be desirable, especially for sending small files (e.g. updates) when a fast turnaround is required. Files can also be downloaded via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) over the Internet. Please contact our technical staff for information concerning electronic data transfer.

Other:Data storage technology continues to progress at an astounding rate. Capacities and transfer rates of most formats are constantly increasing, giving the consumer an ever growing number of options for data storage. SANYO Laser Products strives to maintain and update support for many storage devices. If you use a storage medium that is not listed, please contact our technical staff.


CDDue to capacity and transfer rate, CD and EXB-8500 8mm tape are the preferred input media for CD-image ready data.

CDProvide a duplicate CD or tape of the original source when a fast turnaround is required.

CDAlways use new media of high quality for source material.

CDMaximum data size is 650 Mbytes for Mode 1 or 74 Minutes 40 seconds for audio. If larger size is required, please call (800) 704-7648.

Important: Provide as much information as possible about your data, including special instructions.