The lower the interest rate, the longer a home buyer pays off a loan

Borrow credit

Borrow credit

That sounds illogical, but the lower the interest rate, the longer a home buyer pays off a loan. The maturing life insurance. Familiarize yourself with the topic to get a good deal. applicable risk rules should not be maintained. Do you already have a strategy how to fix that?

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Mortgage loans for the purchase of real estate

Mortgage loans for the purchase of real estate

We agree with this important principle and do everything we can to ensure that our clients receive the most favorable interest rates for their mortgage-backed loans. Our staff will take care of everything related to the loan – completing the documents, negotiating with banks and any other institutions that have a relationship with them.

In a strong competition to each other, the individual banks are only concerned about more customers. The usual repayment period for a loan is about 30 years, but some banks also grant their customers mortgage-backed loans with a 35-year term extension. The age limit for the borrower is 65 years, for some credit institutions 70 years, where the borrower proves his income by submitting the required documentation of the income received by the principal bank.

The individual banks have special requirements for the documents to be submitted. Depending on the needs of individual banks, the interest rates are between 6.45% and 14%. During the entire credit process (document processing, allocation of funds, credit management), credit institutions charge the borrower certain fees, eg fee for document processing, fee for property valuation, etc.

What are mortgage loans?

In Argentina, we find a wide variety of mortgage loans or credits to buy a house, build it or even renovate it. For this reason, in some cases, it is difficult to decide for the most suitable for us.

Many questions arise, among them, what are the mortgage loans that exist? Are there favorable options even by provinces? We’ll tell you then.

Housing loans can be requested, to buy or to finance their construction, in different banks or financial institutions in Argentina.

We will also find that the conditions of these loans may vary depending on the type of client, for example, those who collect their salaries at the bank may receive better conditions than those who do not.

Here are some options and the main features of mortgage loans available in the country; however, knowing the alternatives, it is advisable to consult all the details on the different pages of the financial institutions.

Mortgage loans Good Finance


  • It has two types of housing loans: the traditional one for the purchase, construction or extension of the house; and Procrear credits for Young Savings.
  • With the Traditional Mortgage Loans for Housing of Good Finance, you have a Fixed Rate for the first 12 months and up to 15 years, to buy your first or second home. With financing of up to 70% of the appraisal value and a fee – income ratio of up to 40% of the income of the applicant or the family group. No need to be a single home.
  • With the Mortgage Loans for young savings, you have mandatory savings to be integrated into 12 fixed monthly and consecutive installments nominated in UVA at 5% TNA. You have up to 15 years of credit term.

Mortgage loans from Good Finance


  • The maximum amount will depend on the destination chosen for the mortgage loan. It will depend on the Purchasing Value Units, which can be updated by the Reference Stabilization Coefficient “CER” – Law 25.827 (“UVA”) with a first-degree mortgage guarantee. There is a minimum amount of $ 250,000.
  • There are different requirements to access mortgage loans depending on your employment situation.

According to the Bank itself, the requirements to apply for loans in the entity are:

Minimum work age:

  • Permanent employees: 6 (six) months.
  • Hired employees: 1 year and a current annual contract.
  • Employees of the National Public Sector not Categorized: demonstrable previous seniority of 1 year and current contract.


  • Enrolled in Earnings: 1 (one) year in the exercise of the profession or trade from the presentation of the first Affidavit of Earnings.
  • Monotributistas: 2 (two) years old in the profession or trade from the inscription in the Monotributo.

Mortgage Loans from Honest Bank

  • It offers mortgage loans, including for the purchase or for the construction of houses.
  • The financing term will depend on whether or not you collect your assets at the Province Bank. If this is the case, the term to pay the credit could be extended up to 240 installments.
  • Public administration employees can finance up to 100% of the value of their homes.

Good Finance Mortgage Loans

  • In this case, the maximum term to pay the loan could be extended by 15 years, that is, about 180 months.
  • Good Finance has different types of mortgage loans, which can be used for the purchase of a new or second-hand home, for its construction or to renovate it.

Mortgage loans of Good Finance

  • You have the possibility of loans with a fixed rate, having an income share ratio of up to 25% of the net income of the applicant and / or the family group.
  • It has a maximum amount of $ 3,400,000 in terms of 120, 180, 240, 300 and 360 months.
  • They have financing for the purchase of up to 75% of the value of the property, for spare parts of up to 100% of the budget, without exceeding 50% of the value of the property.

Good Finance Mortgage Loans

  • It offers different credits according to the plans for clients: UVA, UVA – ProCrAr, Variable.
  • The maximum amount offered is $ 16,000,000, financed in up to 20 years to obtain UVA loans. If you have your salary at Good Finance you can access preferential rates.
  • The purpose you can give UVA loans is quite varied: for the purchase of a single and permanent home, to improve the home, to repair it or for the purchase of an office, office, local or study.

Mortgage loans from Good Finance

  • There are mortgage loans for the acquisition, expansion, construction, and completion of housing. They also contemplate the “bridge” situations that are for those who are looking to move to a higher-value home and do not want or cannot simultaneously sell their current home.
  • Any employee under a dependency relationship or any person who works independently (under the earnings or mon tax regime) or Retirees can access the mortgage loans for the purchase of the home.
  • Loan amount up to $ 5,000,000 with a maximum financing of 80% of the value of the property, with a repayment term of up to 360 months.

7 Tips for taking out a mortgage loan

7 Tips for taking out a mortgage loan

When it comes to taking out a mortgage it is important to know how loans work and what you have to know so that your experience in this world of loans is much better.

  1. I fulfilled all the requirements requested by the bank or the financial institution.
  2. Prepare the necessary documentation.
  3. Calculate the exact amount you need to buy, renovate or finish your home.
  4. Pay attention to the fine print of the mortgage loan.
  5. Negotiate the conditions of your mortgage loan.
  6. I chose a mortgage loan that suits your situation.
  7. Compare the different mortgage loans before signing.

If you are thinking of taking out a mortgage loan you can advise Good Finance on how to have yours. There you can find the loan simulator that will help you to make the final calculations before deciding on the loan that suits you best.


The 3 most expensive mistake you should make when looking for a loan under any circumstances.

With Easy Loan you have various options to apply for a loan.

With Easy Loan you have various options to apply for a loan.

The latter, in turn, is a member of the Best Bank, the fifth-largest bank in Germany. Your life, your credit, your freedom.

Easy Loan credit in the test. Now, when loans need to be negotiated, it will not be instantaneous, and occasionally this may be a problem. You choose the desired amount and you’re ready to go. Easy Loan – flexible and fair the loan that can be adapted to your life.

The Easy Loan bank loan is a loan from Infra bank – an institute within the bank. The Infra bank offers a partial credit. Below is an overview of the Easy Loan Banque loan and its main terms. The Nice bank has been transformed into Infra bank, in which Nice Bank, the central bank, took over the majority in 2003.

In 2006, the company’s branch office network was spun off and sold. Since then, the remaining components have been operated under the brand name Infra bank. The main product of Infra bank is the installment loan, which is marketed in various variations as Easy Loan. The Easy Loan Banque loan is sold through most of the Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks, 54 Easy Loan shops and online. The Easy Loan is a classic consumer loan.

Interest is fixed during the time

Interest is fixed during the time

It is offered from a monetary amount of 1000 USD to a monetary amount of 75,000 USD with a period of 12 to 84 months. The interest is fixed during the time. For the repayment of borrowed capital of more than USD 5000, an interest rate advantage of one percent is granted. Unscheduled repayments, loan repayments or credit increases are therefore possible in any case.

As security, the Easy Loan protection cover – a residual debt insurance – can be used. In addition to this basic structure, there are the following variants: – Easy Loan has a long-term advantage for homeowners with financial needs in the context of real estate.. For loan amounts of $ 10,000 to $ 75,000, terms between 36 and 120 months are proposed.

Or the so-called plus offer: an installment loan between 25,000 and 75,000 USD with a maturity of 36 to 48 months with a guaranteed effective interest rate of currently 6.00 percent – assuming a corresponding utilization. – Another offer is the Easy Credit Card – a very ordinary card with a credit limit of up to 15,000 USD.

Starting from a predetermined value on the monthly card turnover, the credit line is automatically unlocked and repaid like a standard easy credit bank loan with 60 monthly installments. The 3 most expensive mistake you should make when looking for a loan under any circumstances. Lenders:

7 ways to get loans in France – follow it carefully

A loan for an apartment seems prosaic. We choose real estate, go to the bank and sign a loan agreement. Just a visit to a notary public and we can enjoy living on our own. So much advertising, and life varies.

How much does a finance lesson cost?

How much does a finance lesson cost?

In brief, the conversation with the adviser looked like this:

– Do you want a 100% LTV loan?
– Of course!
– A loan for 30 years?
– Please!
– Maybe in CHF, it will be cheaper?
– We take it!
– Only you know, the exchange rate may increase, but the dollars is a stable currency and even if it increases, it is not much.
– If you say so, then we probably have nothing to worry about.

Well. You pay for education. Sometimes quite an exorbitant price. Nine years of loan repayment, and the liability is still higher than the amount paid:

Do I blame anyone?

Do I blame anyone?

Yes, to yourself and a little to the bank, because he mocked the case, as a professional party to the contract. It was not the adviser’s fault that he sold what he was told and had measurable benefits. It is not the fault of the government, it is not the fault of family and friends. It’s not the fault of marketing specialists or the agency lady. You have to swallow this frog. We are personally responsible for our finances.

It was supposed to be about life with a loan in dollars, and a biographical thread came out in the form of a confession of guilt, but this is what I think is life with a foreign currency loan. At some point you wake up in a new reality. Just yesterday you had a house / flat, and today you have a huge debt that exceeds the value of your property. In a sense, you are attached to this place. You live in it not only because you want to, but also because you have to. In addition, if you have no other assets, looking at the negative net worth, you get the impression that you are bankrupt. What if you lose your leg and lose your job? Will telephones, bank prompts, eviction threat start? I still do it a bit and deliberately redrawn it somewhere, but somewhere in the back of the head is this nagging thought that “like something”, it can be wrong. The loan hurts like a tight collar, which doesn’t let you forget that it can turn into a neck loop.

I am not writing this to discourage you from buying real estate for a loan, but to pay attention to the mental costs of having a loan. And also at the risk associated with taking loans with a variable interest rate.

A loan in dollars as a bomb in your budget

A loan in dollars as a bomb in your budget

The bomb has already exploded once. The dollars’s course soared almost into space, breaking the historical maximum of 3,1207 from May 17, 2004. The problem is that it is a reusable load and the best analysts cannot predict how much the dollars will cost in 5-10 years.

Let’s look at an example loan in dollars. There are 67,875 dollars to be repaid. The interest rate is 0.46% (LIBOR -0.74% + 1.2% margin) in 240 equal installments. The rate adopted for the simulation is 4 dollars per dollars equally. The installment is 300 dollars, or 1200 dollars.

What possibilities do we have to protect ourselves against risk?

What possibilities do we have to protect ourselves against risk?

In my opinion, there are at least 7 ways to live with a dollar loan:

  1. Repayment of the entire loan – if you have the right funds, can you get rid of the loan in one move?
  2. Currency conversion – if you want to eliminate currency risk, this is a great solution. The bank will gladly welcome such a customer.
  3. Partial overpayment – reduces the risk in direct proportion to the amount of the overpayment.
  4. Buffer built in the currency of the loan – it completely eliminates the currency risk up to the buffer level, allows for conducting a free loan repayment policy.
  5. Buffer in dollars – it does not eliminate currency risk, but it removes the danger that you will not be able to afford the installment. The optimal strategy assuming that the dollars will strengthen (the dollars deposit has an interest rate higher than the dollar loan).
  6. Buying currency on a regular basis – “let the will of heaven be done”
  7. Waiting for a statutory solution – for very patient optimists, trusting politicians.

From all the options I chose to build a buffer in dollars, because in my opinion it is the most flexible solution. Currency conversion means accepting a loss. In the game there is a possibility of falling dollars exchange rate, and in the perspective of many years there will be (should be?) Many moments when the exchange rate will be better. In other words – in my opinion there will be opportunities for more favorable conversion. Partial payment with an interest rate around zero will not bring any measurable benefits. On the other hand, building a buffer in dollars does not solve the problem of exchange rate risk.

How to build such a buffer?

How to build such a buffer?

The dream scenario is to gradually build a buffer to 30-50% of the loan balance in dollars.


  • Peace of mind. A solid buffer allows you not to think about the current course. Temporary increases do not make the slightest impression on us.
  • If the dollars increases, I will use the buffer to pay the next installment. If the dollars rate drops, I will buy the right amount of cheaper “new” dollars. One option will always be better.
  • The currency buffer protects the net value against an increase in the dollars exchange rate. In addition, the value of live cash increases.

Loans in dollars as a bomb of mass destruction?

Banks seem to know perfectly well what will happen with interest rates in Poland. They assume an increase in the credit bank rate and draw attention to the risk of an increase in mortgage installments. If not this year, then next year. If not next, then in 2019, but the rates will eventually rise. Learned from the effects of the “dollars crisis,” this time, they directly warn current and future customers about the risk.

Link: Do you have a loan in dollars? Get ready for higher installments

Let’s assume that we will convert the dollar loan and adopt the parameters of a cheap mortgage, i.e. credit bank + 2% margin. Some may receive an offer to keep the markup from a dollar loan, but let the example be representative of newly granted loans in dollars, let’s take a slightly higher margin:

The installment increased from dollars 1200 to dollars 1624. It is true that currency risk ceases to exist, but what happens when rates increase? This time the optimistic scenario (S1) assumes maintaining credit bank at the current level. The base scenario (S2) is an increase in credit bank to the 3.2pp rate, which is not very high for the dollars, which increases the installment to dollars 1846.

At this point I would like to draw your attention to the effects of the increase in credit bank and its impact on the borrower’s net value. The installment increase is obviously the most visible effect of the increase in credit bank, but it also entails a change in the installment structure. The interest part increases while the capital part decreases, therefore, by paying more and more, we get less and less in return. The table below sums up the installments that the borrower would pay in the first year of repayment.


I settled the debts. How not to get into debt again?

Who wouldn’t want to get rid of debt? The collection calls at any time of day, the difficulty of getting credit in the square and, finally, such an unpleasant feeling that makes you swear on your feet together that you will never fall into it again.

And behold, you can pay off debts, but how can you not get into debt anymore?

So in this post, we will give you some tips that will help you get out of debt for real. Check out!

Don’t spend more than you get!


First, we need to learn to control spending according to our salary. Although it is a simple rule, very few people can follow it. There is often a lack of control and consumers end up spending more money during the month than they receive in the same period.

The credit card

credit card

The credit card is responsible for over 80% of defaulting today in Brazil. Therefore, the card must have limits below your monthly earnings.

Also, the caution here is that the higher the limit the more money you think you have. But the card limit is not the money she has. Because everything on the card will have to be paid; and with interest.

Have an emergency reservation

Have an emergency reservation

Spending less than you earn is critical, but not enough to keep your bills up to date.

In addition, it is also very important to have an emergency contingency reserve. After all, what to do if someone in your house loses their job, for example?

Take care with the loans

Also, when you make a personal loan to renovate your house, buy a car or property, hold a party, or the like, you are using money that is not yours – you will have to repay it with interest! Think about this before making indiscriminate loans.

Anyway, was this content relevant to you? Then share it with your friends!

Credit in the event of death

Credit in the event of death. With a classic loan, there is a specific installment payment period. These are expensive and often completely useless. For this huge investment almost always a loan must be taken. Are you looking for a mortgage loan? Many pensioners and seniors do not want to burden their survivors with debts or death costs.

What about my credit if I get away? 

What about my credit if I get away? 

It is not easy to find the solution to your theoretical problem, as it depends on other factors such as the salary of your loan agreement. However, if you reject your inheritance, it is important for the principal bank to see if the loan agreement brings residual debt insurance.

The residual debt insurance pays the house bank the difference between the previous amount that you have already repaid to your house bank until your death and the remaining amount. If you have such residual debt insurance that will warmly recommend any house bank before you sign a contract – for self-interest – then your worldly property will ultimately be purchased.

If your property covers your debts, the house bank had more or less bad luck. Otherwise, the balance will be borne by Good Finance. Your savings account, which you mentioned in your case, will be added to your estate in any case. It is almost impossible for a house bank to go bankrupt in several cases, as in the case of theories you mentioned.

The basic problem of so-called “bad” loans – loan contracts that do not bring capital to the house bank because borrowers simply do not pay – is more relevant than ever in bank history.

Something with the loan? Information for relatives + debtors

Something with the loan? Information for relatives + debtors

With the death of the testator, the relatives take over his demands. But no one is inevitably still on the lending rates. The debt continues even after death. Like the dead man’s wealth, it flows into the estate. The relatives can reject the inheritance. In the case of the unclear financial situation of the testator, an asset manager is advisable.

The borrower can insure his relatives in the event of death. What about the loan in the event of death? In reality, it happens again and again that a borrower dies during the duration. Now it’s about what should happen to the credit agreement and who pays the obligations. Most importantly, the debtor’s debt remains even after his death.

Like the deceased’s assets, it flows into the estate. In simple language: The duty is transferred to the descendants. As a rule, they are liable to the house bank for the repayment of the loan. If the testator has not made any final disposition, all assets – including the inheritance liabilities – are regulated by the legal successor.

If there is more than one successor, one speaks of a community of descendants. All surviving dependents receive equal amounts of both assets and liabilities. If the death lies in an emergency, the house bank must dissolve the loan. For this reason, banks always carefully check before granting whether the claims can also be realized in the event of death.

Claims of the estate will not be transferred to the private capital of the descendants. If the obligations exceed the assets, the successor would be in debt if he accepts the inheritance. Therefore, after determining the inheritance, it is necessary to examine the situation in order to get an overall view of the existing fixed assets and possible debts.

Subsequently, an informed decision can be made as to whether it has an effect on inheritance. In simple language: An heir has the right to completely reject inheritance. What is the part of the succession? How to reject an inheritance? Anyone who does not want to inherit the legacy must declare a corresponding waiver. After the rejection of inheritance, all entitlements expire.

This period begins with the knowledge of the inheritance


Not even with death. After the expiry of the deadlines, the insurer assumes that the legacy has been taken over. In the case of unclear financial circumstances, the descendants can appoint an asset manager. The inheritance must then be rejected only after a thorough examination of the facts.

If the management of the estate is initiated, the claims are initially covered by the estate. The remainder after repayment of the loans to assets will be paid to the successors. During this time, the successor can not sell on the estate itself. If the borrower has designated one of his offshoots as a guarantor, he must be held liable for the repayment of the loan.

Note: The denial of inheritance has no effect in this case as the guarantee contract has nothing to do with inheritance. Do I get out of the bail as an heir? Another special feature is when the testator leaves a loan for a property and this has been secured by a relative in the course of a mortgage.

After signing Good Finance can enforce the claim against the property of the liable party. Note: Enforcement is also possible if the person responsible is a relative who rejects the inheritance. If no personal liability has been declared, the house bank will attempt to bid for the property by means of the land title document and enforce the foreclosure against the property.

The best credit cards (and the ones that give you the most benefits)

Sometimes, when we do not put our credit card to good use and we fall into indebtedness for the same reason, we find ourselves in need to stop using it, or worse, to cancel it.

After this period you are finally out of debt and learned your lesson. Now you realize that the credit card can be a good credit tool for your purchases as long as you give it a responsible use.

These are the benefits they offer you


However, in this second stage of your “interaction” with credit cards, you know that you should be more responsible, not only in its use but also carefully choosing the one that suits your needs and offers you the services you expect.

If you are looking for a credit card with great benefits, continue reading, since in this article I will tell you about credit cards with the greatest benefits in the market.

Before starting with the best options in terms of credit cards, I think it is pertinent to orient you about their good use. Whether you’ve had a good experience using your card, or not, I’m going to give you some tips on how to maintain good credit behavior when using your card.

How to give responsible use to your credit card

How to give responsible use to your credit card

1. Your card is not part of your income. The first rule is to be aware that the credit card is not an extension of your income, therefore, you should not use it to pay your monthly expenses. The only way it may be advisable to pay for your services with a credit card is by directing them. However, you must also reserve what is spent by this means and pay it before the payment deadline. Use your credit card in your favor!

2. Pay more than the minimum. In your statement, you will find two options regarding the amounts you can pay before the due date: the minimum payment and the payment for not generating interest (in which you pay the total amount committed for the expenses made during the month). On the one hand, if for some reason (out of your control), you cannot deposit more than the minimum payment, do so.

Keep in mind that the interests of the purchases of the month will accumulate for your next payment, however, complying with this payment is very important in order to keep good credit history in the Credit Bureau. However, it is best to pay the total amount of your purchases for the month, or at least an amount greater than the minimum payment, the important thing is that you meet your payments.

3. Know your closing and expiration date. Part of giving your credit card responsible use is learning to use the bank statement. Pay on the stipulated dates and keep good credit history.

4. Know the characteristics of your card. I remind you of the importance of choosing the ideal credit card for you, and not the one that has been pre-authorized. Some of the factors you should consider are:

  • The interest rate you will pay in case you cannot pay 100% of your purchases on the payment commitment date.
  • The moratorium interest rate, the percentage of interest in case of paying after the payment deadline.
  • The Total Annual Cost (CAT), this includes the total payment of all the elements to the year of use of your card.
  • The annuity: Make sure you choose a card that doesn’t charge you one.
  • Charges for balance inquiry, transfers, cash provision, etc.

5. Do not abuse purchases for months without interest. One of the benefits of credit cards is that they help you when you don’t have enough liquidity to buy something you need. The same goes for promotions selling products for months without interest offered by companies to buy any of their products or services.

The problem begins when you make unnecessary purchases with this modality and leave your credit card to the top, then it becomes impossible to pay the sum of all those purchases, which can be summarized as: purchases without interest months were paying more interest.

6. Analyze your finances before having more than one card. If for any reason you need a second credit card, I recommend that before requesting or accepting it (if you have it pre-authorized) analyze the use you are giving to the first and review what is the purpose of having a second card and, mainly, if this will have an impact on the health of your finances.

7. I remind you that financial scams are becoming more common. For no reason share your card information via telephone. If you plan to shop online, always make sure that the URL site starts with https: // which will mean it is a safe place to shop.

Advantages of having a credit card

Advantages of having a credit card

  • Thanks to credit cards it is not necessary to charge with cash to make your purchases or pay for any service.
  • The use of your credit card gives you access to different promotions in department stores or online. Payment to months without interest and discounts are some of these promotions.
  • Credit cards help you save time you would invest by paying for some services in stores or banks. Direct debit is one of the best services offered by credit cards.
  • The cards can be used in some unexpected matters. We do not know when we are going to have an emergency, which is why credit cards represent a benefit in these cases.
  • You can make payments abroad, and in the best case, some of the credit cards offer insurance against accident or illness and lost luggage.

These are the benefits that credit cards offer you

Now, let’s go straight to the best options regarding the selection of your credit card. I remind you that there is no perfect credit card for everyone, this will depend on the needs of each user. Then, I will tell you about the most important factors regarding the benefits of credit cards in general, identity what are the essential characteristics for you.