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SANYO-Verbatim CD Company Featured in Public TV Environmental Program

Environmental Record Featured on PBS

April 23, 1998    Richmond, Indiana

Although recycling is good, waste prevention, also known as source reduction, is better.

That’s the theme of a one-hour program created for Indiana public Television featuring SANYO-Verbatim CD Company and six other Indiana businesses. The show, to be aired in connection with Earth Day, will run on seven Indiana public television stations from April 23 through May 8.

“In our industry, SANYO-Verbatim is one of the front-runners in waste-reduction, recycling and eliminating hazardous materials,” says Terry Lainhart, SANYO-Verbatim’s general affairs manager. “We take these matters seriously and have made them a priority.”

One of the ways SANYO-Verbatim has reduced waste, says Lainhart, is by buying manufacturing equipment that doesn’t produce a long sprue, the piece in the center of a compact disc needed in production process, but then punched out and not used.

“Initially, our equipment needed the sprue to be about 3-1/2″ long,” say Lainhart, “but by purchasing state-of-the-art machinery that requires a smaller sprue, we reduced it to 1-1/4″, while actually increasing the quality of the disc being produced.”

Two-and-a-quarter inches of plastic may not seem like much, Lainhart points out, “but it’s significant when you consider that we’re producing millions of CDs a month.”

Promoting environmental good health is not the only reason to encourage waste prevention, says Ross Josephson, Manager of Internal Sales and Corporate Marketing at SANYO-Verbatim. “In the long run, and sometimes even in the short run, reducing how much we throw away saves money,” he says. “And these cost benefits directly increase SANYO-Verbatim’s competitive advantage.”

SANYO-Verbatim, along with others in the CD industry, have also helped prevent waste by switching from the “long box” type of CD enclosures to more environmentally friendly packaging. “This is not only reduces quite a lot of waste at the source, but helps eliminate other types of pollution,” Lainhart notes. “For instance, the “long box” took up twice as much space on the truck, so twice as many trips were needed to transport the product.”

The TV program is called “Doing More With Less: Indiana Stories in Waste Prevention,”

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