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SANYO-Verbatim CD Company Awarded ISO 9002 Certification

ISO 9002 Certification Awarded

January 20, 1998    Richmond, Indiana

SANYO-Verbatim CD Company has been awarded the ISO 9002 certification by the International Organization for Standardization for the manufacture and distribution of audio CDs and CD-ROMs, as well as for pre-mastering of compact disc program content. The certification verifies that SANYO-Verbatim complies with internationally recognized standards for quality management.

“Our company already had a commitment to high quality,” said President/CEO Tom Ryan. “This certification substantiates it. It was truly a team effort, and I congratulate all our employees on achieving such a significant milestone. ISO 9002 is not only a recognition of the excellence of our processes, but it adds the discipline necessary to ensure maintenance of that quality.”

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, a subsidiary of the British firm Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, administered evaluation. The certification was announced January 20th.

“We’ve had some customers express their desire that they do business with ISO certified companies,” Ryan added. “This puts us in line with those select competitors who have attained this achievement.”

“ISO certification is a continuous process,” explained Development Engineer Michael King, who acted as the company’s ISO management representative. “It allows us to more clearly see where we are in terms of quality issues, and to make sure that quality can be maintained. It improves our competitive position.”

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from some 90 countries. This non-governmental organization was founded in 1947. ISO 9002 is among the most comprehensive and difficult certificates to obtain, and specifies audits by third-party registrars for continued compliance.

“We know we offer industry-leading products and services,” said Ross Josephson, Manager of Internal Sales and Corporate Marketing. “This is a confirmation of that. With our ISO 9002 systems in place, we can cross-train more effectively, communicate better with all of our people, and offer a more compelling disc replication solution.”

Celebrating its 10th year of replication excellence, SANYO-Verbatim CD Company offers complete pre-mastering, mastering, replication, graphics support, printing and packaging services to the CD-ROM, CD-Audio, and DVD markets. SANYO-Verbatim was formed as a partnership between SANYO Laser Products, which has been producing CDs since the early 1980s, and Verbatim Corporation, which has more than 25 years’ experience in data storage.

To obtain further information on this news release, contact Ross Josephson, sales and marketing manager.

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