I settled the debts. How not to get into debt again?

Who wouldn’t want to get rid of debt? The collection calls at any time of day, the difficulty of getting credit in the square and, finally, such an unpleasant feeling that makes you swear on your feet together that you will never fall into it again.

And behold, you can pay off debts, but how can you not get into debt anymore?

So in this post, we will give you some tips that will help you get out of debt for real. Check out!

Don’t spend more than you get!


First, we need to learn to control spending according to our salary. Although it is a simple rule, very few people can follow it. There is often a lack of control and consumers end up spending more money during the month than they receive in the same period.

The credit card

credit card

The credit card is responsible for over 80% of defaulting today in Brazil. Therefore, the card must have limits below your monthly earnings.

Also, the caution here is that the higher the limit the more money you think you have. But the card limit is not the money she has. Because everything on the card will have to be paid; and with interest.

Have an emergency reservation

Have an emergency reservation

Spending less than you earn is critical, but not enough to keep your bills up to date.

In addition, it is also very important to have an emergency contingency reserve. After all, what to do if someone in your house loses their job, for example?

Take care with the loans

Also, when you make a personal loan to renovate your house, buy a car or property, hold a party, or the like, you are using money that is not yours – you will have to repay it with interest! Think about this before making indiscriminate loans.

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