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SANYO Laser Products Leads in Research and Development
Checking Quality with MicroscopeThe format for the 21st Century is here and Sanyo Laser Products is ready to provide for your DVD production needs. From DVD-ROM to DVD-Video, Sanyo Laser Products has the technical expertise to bring your product to market.

Sanyo Laser Products is the beneficiary of the cutting-edge research and development activities of its parent companies SANYO Electric of Japan and Verbatim's parent, Mitsubishi Chemical. Sanyo Laser Products' unique technical depth, drawing from SANYO's expertise in consumer electronics as well as Mitsubishi Chemical's optical storage expertise, enables Sanyo Laser Products to offer compelling products like DVD faster than many of its competitors.

DVD Offerings
Sanyo Laser Products, as one of the first CD replicators in North America, has always been at the forefront of the compact disc industry. Sanyo Laser Products continues to "lead the pack" by being one of the first replicators to offer complete DVD replication services.

Sanyo Laser Products is uniquely positioned to offer its clients an unbeatable DVD product.

DVD Customer Service
Support Staff's OfficeA Sanyo Laser Products trademark is its knowledgeable and trained customer service staff. Our people are industry professionals who are fully versed in the particulars of DVD replication. When you call Sanyo Laser Products with DVD questions, we'll have answers

The DVD Basics
With technologies changing so rapidly, many people have some basic questions about DVD. Here's some basic information on DVD's capacity to store data using a multitude of various DVD format styles.  

stores 4.7 Giga-Bytes and has data on 1 side and 1 layer.
stores 8.5 Giga-Bytes and has data on 1 side and 2 layers.
stores 9.4 Giga-Bytes and has data on 2 sides and 1 layer.
stores 17.0 Giga-Bytes and has data on 2 sides and 2 layers.

DVD discs are similar to compact discs in their appearance, yet that's where the similarity ends. The capabilities of DVD dramatically increase the storage options available to industries requiring ever increasing storage capacity, as well as some industries that aren't even aware of DVD's awesome potential. Pit lengths and track spacing for DVD are reduced allowing four times as many pits as a compact disc in the same area.

DVD and CD - Microscopic View

Want To Know More?
Take a look at our Frequently Asked DVD Questions pages.

Please contact any of our local regional sales managers for additional information on Sanyo Laser Products' DVD replicating services.  Also, for detailed technical inquiries feel free to contact our DVD technical manager, Charles Plumer, at



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