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DVD  - Packaging Options FAQ

So far, no single type of DVD packaging has emerged as dominant. For the publisher, therefore, the question is which packaging best suits the needs of each individual project.

Early in the development of DVD, the Video Software Dealers Association, known as VSDA, made several recommendations as to the packaging guidelines to be followed. According to the VSDA’s task force, DVD packaging should:

Be unique to DVD -  for immediate consumer identification and awareness;
Resist damage to itself or to the disc;
Be environmentally responsible;
Be source-tagged;
Have retail identity labeling;
And have as its dimensions 5 5/8" wide by 7 3/8" high, ranging from ranging from 3/8" to 5/8" thick. (The width is therefore the same as a CD, the height the same as a VHS tape. Undoubtedly these dimensions were chosen so retailers could use existing shelving to display DVDs.)

Among the most popular choices in DVD packaging are these:

The Book:
As its name implies, this packaging opens up like a book. Some styles are molded on both sides, with room for a disc on both flaps. Most of the printed material is on the outside of the package and, if there is only one disc, on the left inside flap. Some styles have a molded tray on the right and a paperboard flap on the left and the back. If desired, the left flap may have several fold-out parts, allowing extensive graphics.
The "Book" style has several types of closure. Some snap shut, some are secured with small flaps, and other styles fit together tightly. Some "Books" allow for folders within the paperboard for additional printed material.
The Slider:
This involves a molded tray, which is pulled out like a drawer from one end. This style’s "box" may be made of paperboard or other material. They tend not to have as much space for graphics as the Book styles do, although one Slider type allows up to a 32-page booklet.
The Jewel Box:
These come in a variety of configurations, many of which conform to the familiar square style of the CD Jewel Box. Some are virtually indistinguishable from a CD Jewel Box, though made of a more durable material so they don’t crack as easily. Others have paperboard outer coverings and can take various foldouts. In some cases, they can accommodate more than one disc. Some slip into a paperboard sleeve, much as vinyl phonograph records did into album covers. Other Jewel Box styles allow multi-faceted images that can be viewed through the box’s special outer shell.
When it comes to securing the disc within the packaging, again there are various options. Some boxes have a center hub that holds the disc in place by applying slight pressure, as is the case with a CD Jewel Box. Others have a locking mechanism that holds the disc in place more securely. "Sliders" don’t use any hub, but rather hold the disc in place from the outer edges.
Which of these is right for you?
That depends on many factors: how your product is to be marketed, what type of impact you want, how much written or graphic material is to be included, how the DVD will be displayed, how many discs there will be per case – and, of course, the cost. The best course is to discuss your packaging requirements with the DVD professionals at SANYO Laser Products. We can guide you to the solution that’s best for your individual needs.

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