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History of SANYO Laser Products, Inc.

SANYO Laser Products Facility in Richmond, IndianaEffective January 1, 2001, SANYO-Verbatim CD Company announced that it is changing its name to SANYO Laser Products, Inc. reflecting Sanyo's buy-back of Verbatim's previous 50% ownership position,   The company will continue to provide industry leading CD-Audio, CD-ROM, DVD and game console disc replication services and turnkey solutions to its client base.

Back in in 1994, Sanyo Laser Products, Inc. joined with Verbatim Corporation to form Sanyo-Verbatim CD Company. Sanyo has been producing high quality compact discs in its Richmond, Indiana factory since 1987. This facility incorporates state of the art mastering and replication equipment, and a strong commitment to quality.

Sanyo Laser Products, Inc. continues to occupy the Richmond plant, and benefits from Sanyo's long history as a pioneer in optical research and development.

Our parent companies, Sanyo Electric and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, are world leaders in the development of optical storage technologies including optical disk manufacturing and playback hardware, CD-Recordable, and magneto-optical discs. In fact, Sanyo developed the industry's first quadruple density system. The support from our parent companies allows Sanyo to stay at the forefront of evolving technologies, and ensures customers that we will be able to provide them with future products, such as higher density CD's.

Below: SEM photograph of a high density disc produced by Sanyo.


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