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How CD Structures Are Formed

Microscopic pits representing encoded data are first formed by exposing photo-resist material with a laser beam. Figure 2 - How CD Structures Are Formed This beam is modulated according to the input source data.

After the exposed areas are developed away by conventional methods to produce pits, a rigid metal negative to the master, called the Father or Master stamper, is produced by an electoplating process (see Figure 2).

A multiple positive image Mother may be electroplated from the Father stamper. In turn, negative image Son stampers are plated from each Mother to produce multiple copies of the original master.

Mass replication of the source begins by mounting a Father or Son in a molding press. Melted plastic is injected into the cavity and allowed to cool. The pits from the stamper are accurately reproduced in a plastic substrate, forming the original positive image.

Each disc is finished by successively applying a reflective layer, protective lacquer, and printed labeling.



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